Resume - Brent Biggs

Monday, March 29, 2010 2:25 PM


Motivated engineer with over 12 years experience designing, testing, and deploying cutting edge technologies, eager to provide a different perspective to a creative design team

Employment History

BAE Systems - US Combat Systems                            2008 - Present

EPDM Engineering / Business Liaison

  • Lead engineer for the development and implementation of a corporate PDM solution including all release and change management processes
  • Facilitated the communication between the PDM program and Engineering
  • Managed project schedule and scope

Project Engineer, Bradley Battle Command Vehicle

  • Managed a cross-functional group of 16 engineers and designers.  Developed training plans.  Coordinated work assignments with external programs to minimize overhead utilization
  • Primary engineer for the command and control vehicle for the Bradley vehicle platform
  • Concurrently developed and managed five vehicle configurations.  7 prototype vehicles built for transition to full scale production.
  • Coordinated all design efforts with manufacturing engineering to ensure seamless transition from prototype to production
  • Devised an internal process for drawing release that minimizes lost drawings, limits drawing redlines, allows for management insight into release status and maximizes limited resources.
  • Effectively facilitated capability enhancements utilizing external BAE organizations
  • Managed shop personnel and local vendors in the assembly and test of fielded hardware

Opto-Mechanical Engineer, Lockheed Martin                            1997-2008

Lead Opto-Mechanical Engineer, NIRCam: Instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope

  • Lead a team of seven engineers through four major NASA level reviews with minimum findings
  • Managed schedule, scope and budget for $1M in precision optical flight hardware through design, procurement, integration, prototype testing and functional testing
  • Performed trade studies to select materials, vendors, packaging configurations, and reliability.
  • Negotiated interfaces with various customers (University of Arizona, Ball Aerospace, and NASA) and vendors to determine the optimal materials, assembly processes, testing processes, and manufacturability within strict budget constraints and technical requirements
  • Lead all engineering and manufacturing of precision, cryogenic optical camera mounts and stray light baffling
  • Performed all critical tolerance analyses for detector assemblies and global optical lens assemblies using GD&T Y14.5M-1994. Defined program processes for management of tolerances and budgets
  • Defined all failure modes and likelihood of occurrence for materials, interfaces, and environments in support of a FMECA to ensure high reliability of the final product
  • Defined all electro-mechanical, opto-mechanical, and thermal interfaces for the NIRCam detector assembly and ASIC.
  • Completed Lockheed Martin Certified Principle Engineer training
  • Performed all mass properties functions including analysis, verification test plan development and implementation, equipment procurement, requirements negotiation, and design optimization

Corporate Software/Process Development

  • Developed a division-wide standardized process and infrastructure for a standard parts library
  • Influenced the redesign of the Lockheed Martin Space Systems PDM system.  Acted as the key point of contact for the R&D facility PDM pilot program
  • Key decision maker in a corporate-wide kaizen event to select and prototype a tolerance and clearance analysis software tool
  • Key decision maker in a corporate-wide software evaluation for harness design and analysis

Lead Mass Properties Engineer, ATC Research and Development Department

  • Successfully designed, implemented, and executed an industry first wet dynamic balance of Gravity Probe B
  • Managed the alignment of the 8000lb spacecraft using various technologies including retro-reflective centration utilizing theotolite mounted cameras and photogrammetry.  The end result of the alignment and dynamic balance operation resulted in a balance three times better than predicted, allowing the spacecraft to collect 50% more data for a given helium load
  • Key decision maker in a corporate-wide kaizen event to select and prototype a tolerance and clearance analysis software tool
  • Developed several dynamic balance software optimization routines in C++, including a multi-dimensional normalizing function and an n-point, n-weight balance routine
  • Managed and prioritized the mass properties analysis and testing for 12 programs

Mass Properties Engineer

  • Successfully predicted and verified twelve satellites and ten instruments with a 100% on-orbit mission success rate
  • Wrote the next generation mass properties code utilizing c++ and my-sql

Elma Electronic                                                                                    1993-1995

System Designer

  • Designed various custom turn-key computers per customer specifications using AutoCAD 2D and 3D wireframe.  Manufacturing processes included sheet metal fabrication, spot and seam welding, injection molding, anodizing, and painting.
  • Interfaced directly with the customer and in-house manufacturing to optimize designs


M.S. Aerospace Engineering, 2006                                                                           San Jose State University
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1997                                                                            Santa Clara University
A.S. Mechanical Drafting, 1994                                                                                   Riverside Community College


Secret Clearance, expert in Ideas Solid Modeling/Drafting/Harnessing (as well as familiarity with Pro-E, AutoCAD, SolidWorks), expert in ASME Y14.5-2003/1994/1982, proficient in C/C++, C-Shell, UNIX


American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, PMP (Pending 3Q 2010)

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